Why the Healed Become the Healers…and Vice Versa

The Universe sent me one very clear message this week, the same message came from three different sources: 1. a Rob Bell podcast 2. a Joel Osteen sermon and 3. the wide-eye-opening book Power vs. Force by David Hawkins.

The universal message is that when we overcome failure, setbacks, heartbreak, health scares, and hardships of every size and sort, we are healed not just for our own good, but with the hopes that in turn, we will help others recover from the same.

We didn’t overcome on our own. We had help. And it is with that understanding and humility that we seek to serve the role of coach, cheerleader, counselor, and healer.

A grateful heart is great start, but true gratitude comes in the form of actively extending a helping hand to others in need. With humility, we acknowledge that Higher Power played a pivotal part in our own healing. With awareness, we understand that is it by helping others overcome sickness, sadness, and setbacks that we can best exemplify with our actions, beyond expressing through mere words, our appreciation for our own healing.

Because in some way or form, however grandiose or gentle the gestures, our purpose in still being alive is to help others. It’s where we find joy. And the gifts we’ve been given to overcome our challenges are not just for us alone to enjoy. It is an honor to have the opportunity to transition from healing to healed to healer. There is so much to be grateful for, and the grandest form of gratitude is the transition from student to teacher by replicating and disseminating the learned lessons and remedies to help others

Let us pray that we may be so fortunate as to recognize our gifts, so that we realize all that we have to share with others.

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