Why Relationships are More Important than Resolutions

No one wants to read another post about New Years resolutions, and I sure don’t want to write one. It’s a New Year. We should feel renewed, as the calendar and our annual quest for accomplishments resets. Instead, let’s talk about another R word…an even more relevant one…relationships.

Our world revolves around our relationships. Whether it’s with ourself, our boss, our bestie, our boyfriend, our brother, or our bulldog, our relationships are responsible for our happiness. The more we care for others, no matter how many head count is, the more we are likely to feel cared for. Caring means connecting. Because as it turns out, we are all connected. And when we feel connected, we feel valued.

Here’s what we sometimes fail to remember though, relationships need reviewing as much as resolutions. Why? Because people change.  And places – where we are physically, emotionally, and spiritually – change. And certainly priorities over time change. We owe it to ourselves to search for and secure relationships that invigorate, inspire, and encourage. Relationships affect us most – those we have and those we don’t. Therefore, it is our responsibility to intentionally and consciously plant, protect, and prune relationships in order to encourage and incite our best, healthiest and happiest self.

Top Three Reasons Why We Should Review our Relationships:

  1. We may need to give more time, credit and/or attention to someone that we realize is more important and cherished than we have otherwise been indicating through our actions and words;
  2. We may need to reduce time and/or attention to someone that we realize is depleting us of energy, support, love, and time. We deserve to be appreciated by those we surround ourself with. If that is not happening in our relationships, then in the very least, we should notice it and be aware of it to see if it’s possible to restore or improve the relationship, or if need be, remove it from our inner circle.
  3. We may find that we are missing someone in our world. Could it be a closer relationship with God? Could it be a business partner? Or is it a desire for a new friend? In my case, I realized I am missing a mentor in the wellness world. The point it that we don’t know what we are missing unless we take stock of what we have.

Relationships matter more than goals. Because it’s relationships – new and old, with ourself and with others – that will lead to the fist-pumping, high-fiving, champagne-popping proud accomplishment of our resolutions.