Why Manifesting is Like Giving Birth

The Universe knows when the time is right.

Birth moms can appreciate the patience required with unknown timing.  I remember when I was expecting my first, and each day of the last 2 weeks of pregnancy was filled with anxious anticipation of not knowing when he/she would arrive. Would it be today? Would it be next week? Or did I still have 2 weeks to wrap up work and ready my home for the new human arrival? If only I knew, I could perfectly plan and prepare!

Aside from scheduled deliveries, birth days (as opposed to birthdays) are an intended surprise.

That’s what manifesting sometimes feels like…being really, really pregnant. You are at Week 39, with a busting belly, an aching back, swollen feet, and the uncomfortable feeling that you can’t possibly last any longer or get any bigger. The time for delivery is NOW!

It feels so right. You feel so ripe. You are ready. But if “now” is actually not until next week, Loving Almighty, please let us know so we can appropriately steady ourselves for the wait.

That’s not how it works though. Like childbirth, with manifesting we have to wait, be patient, and trust that some day will eventually become “Today is the day!”

When we are manifesting, we need to remember that we co-create with the Divine to determine the outcome, but the timing is all Divine. The outcome is certain, the timing is not.  But thankfully, the wait is worth the effort.