Why is Donald Trump President Elect #45? It Doesn’t Matter. It is What is Needed.

President Trump Inauguration

I’m reading yesterday’s post in a new light in consideration that last night the country surprisingly elected Donald J. Trump to be our President and Commander in Chief. This was not who I voted for. I was primed and ready to awake my daughter with a kiss this morning and tell her that for the first time in our history of 44 presidents, #45 will be a woman. I wanted that for her. I wanted that for my son. I wanted that for our country, if not the world. I wanted evolution. Instead, we got confusion.

What is happening on a global scale, with the international markets dipping down from the unrest of an unconventional (some would say unhinged) leader, suggests the fear of the unknown. But despite that I am still spinning with confusion from the outcome, what I know for certain is that we cannot operate from a place of fear and negativity.

Even when the scale is on a national if not global level, we have to BELIEVE. What is happening is necessary, which we know is true simply because it is happening.

The All-Loving Almighty has a plan. And the same All-Knowing Universe has the directions.

Just as I sometimes wish I knew why things happen the way they do, I know my place in the Universe. I am given the awesome Co-Creating power alongside the Original Source. I am an active participant in creating my ideal reality. But I don’t know the Hows. And I don’t know the Whys. And I’m ok with that because I BELIEVE, even when things happen around me that I don’t see, or in this case, don’t want to see.