Why Being Here is Helpful and Taking Action is a Must

Have you ever felt like you want to be somewhere other than where you are? Either on vacation or in the process of planning one? Or in a job you’re both good at and find rewarding? Or perhaps you are simply wanting to have something to look forward to that keeps you motivated during the doldrums of the everyday?

This was me this week, wanting what I didn’t have. Thankfully, over lunch with a dear friend I held up the mirror and saw my bitter reflection.

We can have goals and intentions. And wishes and dreams. But if they are pulling us away from feeling grounded and grateful in the now, we must remember that here is where things begin. Here is purposeful. Here is helpful.

We can’t mistake that we are here because nothing has happened. We are here because here is where we need to be. 

Ever so slowly as to not to notice the silent and stealthy slippage, I let the power of visualizing transform into a feeling of lack. I know the power of visualization. And I believe in it. My vision board hangs deliberately de-cluttered, ceremoniously centered on the wall directly in front of my computer so when I look up, that’s what I see. But what I’m now “seeing” is that if our sights are so focused on the future, we lose the insight of what to act on in the present.

Actions lead to actualizing that which we want to be true.

In focusing on what I wanted but didn’t yet have (that which is on my vision board), inadvertently, I was conjuring up feelings of lust as opposed to inspiration. The result was that energetically, I began to block and blind myself from the opportunity each day provided.

Rather than wishing we are somewhere else or doing something else, we need to take action – even if it’s simply using the time to organize and prepare for that which we want to come. Feeling lack is comparable to building roadblocks. Instead, we want to build roadways to our preferred reality by recognizing that taking action is the opportunity.

Look ahead. Dream. Believe, believe before you see. But never at the cost of failing to appreciate the opportunities and blessings of today. Taking action is the true pathway to progress.

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