Why Bad Thoughts are Like Mosquitos

Did you know that we can control our thoughts? Have you heard that the proclamation the “What You Think About, You Bring About”? It’s true.

Say to yourself “I’m tired, I’m tired. I’m so very sleepy. I really need a nap.”

Did you just yawn? It gets me every time! (Seriously, each time I proofread this post I start to yawn!)

Your thought just solicited a response, an outcome, which means that you need to carefully protect your thoughts. Yes – you need to think about your thoughts, as ridiculously round-about as that sounds.

I trust you know what makes you happy. And likewise, you know your hopes and dreams. So those thoughts should come naturally. Focus on those. But what do you do when you have thoughts that creep into your mind like those really eerie, eight-hundred-legged centipedes that crawl out of shower drains (I’m sure they have an official name but I’m not about to Google it)!!!???

When I have destructive thoughts and fears that creep into consciousness, I take a flick and stomp approach. I think of a bad thought as being a mosquito that I flick off my shoulder and stomp under foot. It sounds silly, right? I’m sure it looks even more ridiculous. But when your equate a physical action with an intended result, the likelihood of success skyrockets. It may take some practice but it works.

Bad thoughts by the way are no less blood-sucking than mosquitos. Once they bite, they itch. And it takes intentional thought not to scratch that itch that keeps on hollering for attention. Just like ignoring an itch, your bad thoughts can be all-consuming, downright annoyingly distracting.  But as you well know, if you ignore the itch, it goes away. The less attention you give to your bad thoughts, by flicking and stomping or by doing whatever works for you, the faster the bad thoughts disappear.

If thinking of a mosquito as a bad thought isn’t inspiring you enough to flick and stomp it off your shoulder, maybe instead you could think of a sewer-loving-centipede crawling up the back of your neck. But I’ve got to quickly flick and stomp that idea, because that my friend, that is a very hairy, very scary bad thought.