Why and How to Prepare for November 11, 2018

It’s been a busy few weeks full of fun family visits proceeded by a painful push to pack boxes. We are in the midst of a move of homes, maybe cities, and perhaps even countries. Change is coming. Despite not knowing what it entails, I’ve decided to like it anyhow. I’m embracing what’s coming without knowing what it is.

And since the auspicious day of November 11 (11/11) is also coming, in an 11 year (2018 = 2+0+1+8= 11), and since in numerology, 11 known as the master number for manifesting, I’m setting some big goals and hope you are as well.

For the interested, here’s a quick lesson in numerology: the goal is to add up all numbers in a date, particularly a birthdate, and distill them down to one single digit. That single digit number is a window into activities and intentions, passion and purpose much like a zodiac sign. However, in the case of 11 (and sometimes 22 and 33), the double digit number remains. Eleven is the number of rapid manifestation because it contains the ingenuity and leadership of the number 1, and the sensitive and intuitive gifts of the number 2. (For the curious who need to know why this is the case, the double digit 11 would typically be a 2 [11 = 1+1 = 2]. But the number 11 isn’t reduced to a single digit, which is why an 11 has both the traits of a 1 and a 2.)

If I’ve lost you, don’t worry, all you really need to know is that November 11 (this coming Sunday) is a very powerful day, a day worth preparing for.

How to Prepare for November 11, in an 11 Year (2018):

  1. Take Stock & Cut Bait – Take an honest, in-depth, up close and personal assessment of what you believe, where you are, and where you’re trying to go. Does it still feel right? Does it still ring true? Does it still excite you? If not, it’s time to toss those tired thoughts and tarnished targets into the trash. Don’t enter a manifestation vortex with old baggage that’s not serving you and which you don’t want to see on the other side of success.
  2. Think Big & Bold – What is that you want for yourself? Start with yourself first, then expand those intentions to what you want for those around you, and then for the greater good of all creation. Now is the time to dream BIG. Think sooo BIG and beyooond that if you were to describe these ideas to others, they may call you unrealistic or even insane. Since the Universe is placing no limits on you, why place limits on yourself?
  3. Believe in Your Innate Worthiness – A necessary step to making dreams come true is to believe that you are worthy of the ask. If you are asking for true love to enter and remain in your life, but silently say to yourself that you are an untalented and unlovable human being, then you are also silently telling the Universe that you don’t really want/deserve what you are asking for. Believing you are deserving of happiness and success is part and parcel with actually achieving it. We are born with worth. We are born with value. God loves each of us fully and equally, even though we stray and stumble. The challenge is to not think of our failures and transgressions, but of our innate goodness. When we believe in ourself, our worth, and our innate loving and lovable nature, we activate our ability to achieve.

There is undeniable energy at play that is accessible if we open our hearts and minds to aligning with the cosmos. Alternatively we could choose not to believe, but why miss participating in an event that we may only happen twice in our lifetimes (the last 11/11 day in an 11 year was in 2010, the time before that was in 1910)?!

Let’s join the party and plan for and believe in our success. Because it’s ours for the taking. Because we are deserving. Because we are valuable. We are built with worth and are forever worth investing in. So let’s invest in mapping out manifesting goals before Sunday! It’ll be time well spent.

With loving gratitudes and excitement for our futures,

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