What’s the Lesson to Learn Here?

A friend recently asked what my blog was about. “Not getting what you want” was my answer. Hah! How depressing?!

My intent was not to write about how to sustain belief in the face of disappointment. But yet, that’s what I’ve been writing about. So I suppose that’s the lesson I’ve been needing to learn.

When we struggle, with mindfulness we can see that the hardships and setbacks are really just ringing bell reminders ding, ding, ding┬áthat we have something to learn. The Almighty doesn’t give us hardship and heartbreak so we can suffer. Whatever we encounter, whatever we face, it is to meant to teach. And it is our choice alone to decide if we are going to learn or turn.

Are we going to accept what is, with the knowing that one day, however far away, we will in some way be thankful for what once was because it shaped what is now? That is learning. Or instead, we can fight. And wrestle. Resist. Refuse. And turn away. This is an equally available alternative. But guess what, when we choose resistance, we embrace reoccurrence. Because in some way, in some form, we will face the same challenge again and again until we decide to acknowledge, accept and advance.

Our challenges lead to our accomplishments. With awareness, we can learn quicker and advance faster because we know exactly what is happening. Because of what we know, the faster we can grow.

I’d love to share that Lillybee is a roaring success and I’m flying on my private plane to oversee the construction of Oak Lea Lane (a wellness center I want to build), but clearly, I’ve had alternative lessons to learn. And so here’s to learning more, complaining less, and believing in tomorrow. Let’s toast to the future, because we’ll get there quicker when we learn the lessons of today.