What is an Active Believer?

Oh the ways in which the Universe surprises and delights.

On my way to visit a friend, I listened to Joel Osteen’s podcast on “Blessed Out Of Season.” It talks of God giving at times and in ways we don’t anticipate. It was meaningful and relevant for me to hear this message. As of late, it has felt like I see many signs of progress, which are delightfully comforting and reassuring. But the ensuing victories that I’ve been manifesting for years, just haven’t materialized.

Joel talks in his podcast about how God works – how God controls the Universe and blesses us when we are least expecting it, in ways we aren’t expecting.

I want to focus on our role as Active Believers.

Actively Believing is a two-step process. When we actively “believe” in something it means that:

  1. We don’t have empirical evidence to prove something is true, but we willingly accept that thing as truth; and,
  2. We act upon that acceptance.

When we stop taking action, we stop being Active Believers. When we stop being Active Believers, we doubt. We doubt what we believe, we doubt ourselves, our self-worth, our talents, our relationships, our decisions, our life, and, and, and…

Here’s the thing though, active believing makes achieving possible.

  • When we actively believe in ourselves, we harness our desire and drive to set goals for ourselves.
  • When we actively believe in the inclusive, non-discriminatory, unyielding Love of the Almighty, we feel the comfort of knowing that we are not, are never alone.
  • When we actively believe in the Law of Attraction and power of manifesting, we are able to assume the feeling of having already achieved that which we are working towards achieving. We see and feel our success before the reality of having achieved it.

When actively believe, we eventually receive. And to Joel Osteen’s point, God has a great sense of humor as He just showed to me. Something I’ve been working towards just came to pass – just when I was least expecting it.

PS – This picture is of my phone case, which my daughter painted for me as as surprise. What a great way of remembering to believe! She’ll be taking orders soon (just kidding).