Jesus and Shesus – Who Are They?

This is going to be a controversial post. But I share my thoughts lovingly, with good intention and an open heart.

Recently I was asked about my thoughts on Jesus. I was baptized and raised as a church-going Catholic. I still have my First Communion dress and can recount the Nicene Creed from memory. But those experiences don’t account for my current beliefs. In fact, they almost stands sharply against it.

I know and love Jesus. I pray to Jesus of Nazareth each morning. Everyday, I give thanks to Jesus and ask for his help to make decisions with compassion and grace. But that doesn’t make me a Christian.

Jesus – Who He Is to Me:

  1. An Enlightened Being who understood God in physical/human form more than most, if not all.
  2. An Angel who continues to touch lives with Love and Grace, comparable only to the Infinite Divine.
  3. A Tenured Teacher of Forgiveness.
  4. A Devoted, Selfless Servant of God.

Jesus – Who He is Not to Me:

  1. The gatekeeper to God. (Nothing separates or stands between us and God.)
  2. The only path to God. (You don’t have to know Jesus to know and love God.)
  3. A reason to deny love and acceptance for others who choose to worship our Divine Creator (God in my example) by a different name.

In my humble opinion, which is only this one singular person’s perspective, Jesus did not live and die to be worshipped. He lived and died to teach us the power of Love. He lived and died to teach us the power of  forgiveness and the freedom it provides. He remains connected to Source and unselfishly serves as Source’s faithful Servant because He loves us all. And God loves us all. And one day when we leave our physical form and are reunited with God, we will fully feel and appreciate a love so absolute, unyielding, and pure.


  • WE ALL – WE ALL (well worth repeating slowly with dramatic pause) are God’s sons and daughters.
  • WE ALL are God’s creation.
  • WE ALL are loved abundantly, continually, beyond measure.
  • WE ALL are equals and loved equally.
  • WE ALL will return to God – the Original Creator, the PURE source of LOVE.

It’s been said by many spiritual masters that children are fresh from God. They know God most because the ego that is innate in our human form, hasn’t yet had enough time to adequately distance itself from the Divine.

My adorable, not-yet-age-two niece was playing with a nativity scene over the holidays and when asked who the baby was, she said Jesus. But it sounded like Shesus. Which is really quite something.

Jesus. Shesus. She-is-us.

🙌🏻    🙌🏽    🙌🏾

(With reverence and awe, coincidentally, but then again not, posted on International Women’s Day.)