What I Learned Helping the Unknown and Unsuspecting…

It’s been a week since I’ve videoed myself and let me tell you, it feels great not holding a camera. I’ve still been paying it forward, just quietly and privately. I’ve come to realize that helping to put smiles on the faces of strangers is more than something that I enjoy, it’s part of who I am.

My Top Three Takeaways from Paying It Forward Everyday for a Year…

  • Giving feels good, be it a smile, a gift card, or a good review. We may not know the ultimate impact of our well-intended actions, but the outcomes become irrelevant when we simply reflect on what it feels like to give. Altruism is the antidote for self-absorption.
  • Everyone appreciates well-meaning attention. When we notice and engage others in conversation, especially those that traditional society tends to neglect, the communication transcends mere words exchanged. When you give positive attention to a person, you are communicating that they are worthy of your time. And while it may be cognitively unrecognizable originating deep within our heart, we are transmitting love.
  • This certainly wasn’t anything I expected nor intended, but I feel differently about strangers. Strangers aren’t strange. They aren’t even separate. They are simply not yet known. The more I engaged with new people, the more interested I became in learning their stories. And the more I listened, the more talkative they became. Sharing our own story is empowering. While every story is unique, we all have them. More than merely fostering communication, our stories helps us connect with compassion.

I’ve been saying it since I first started this blog, we are all connected. We all originate from the same omnipotent Source. As children of the Almighty, we are siblings. Perhaps we are unrecognizable, unwanted family members, but our lack of acknowledgement or awareness doesn’t change our core construction.

What I learned most from paying it forward everyday is that everyone wants and deserves to be loved. Since we all come from Source, we are loved. But if we can do our small little part in the greater cosmos of creation by being patient, smiling, honking less, or giving more, we not only support our spiritual brothers and sisters, we indirectly benefit ourselves. That shouldn’t be the motive, but undeniably, it’s an end result.

With loving gratitudes,

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