What Does it Mean to Serve?

I’ve been asking the same question now for months. And it’s such a simple question. Potentially it has a huge and heavy burden, but that’s entirely acceptable because hopefully the response has a broad and benevolent result. The question is “How may I serve?”

Like many, I want to do my part in lifting up the lives of others. I want to raise their standards, their expectations of what they feel they are capable and deserving of, and in general, I want to do my part to raise the conscious level of the world as a whole.

What am I talking about with this “conscious level of the world”? Well, I mean the way we think and connect. What I believe,  what I know to be true is that we are loved without question, without reference to the bad choices we’ve made, the harm we’ve done, and the hearts we’ve broke. We are loved by a Source, the Source, our Creator without question, without exception. And my hope is that if we were able to recognize this unbridled love, I like to think that we would act with love. Since everyone is loved, everyone is equal. Love is what connects us. Love blends us. Love binds us.

This is my truth. And it feels like a calling. And yes also a challenge.

How best does one serve? How best do we use our individual talents and time to help others?

I don’t think it’s a question for the individual to answer, or rather, I don’t think it is an answer that can be accredited to the individual. Even if the answer insinuates that is comes from intuition, or that it transpires as a thought, it originates from a higher power, The Highest Power.

If we are genuine in our desire to serve others, not for the sake of fame and fortune, but for singular goal of being our best self so that others are lifted, then we too shall be lifted. We all benefit in heart, mind, spirit, in the ego and the esoteric.

For me, for now, I don’t have the answers. But I continue to ask the question. I believe that there is an answer. And for me, that is enough. For me, and perhaps for you too if you are in waiting, let us be still and sit simply with the longing to be of service. Because for now, that is what we have, and for now, that is enough.

Believing in us both, in us all, with loving gratitudes,

PS – I love hearing from you so if you have an extra minute or two please leave a comment.

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