Trust in the Timing

The Loving Almighty created us, knows us, and knows what is best for us, even if at times, it pisses us off.

I’ve had to come to terms with that, even though I admit to brattishly, egotistically disagreeing with the Creator of All. That, not-so-shockingly, didn’t work out, so I eventually came to appreciate that trust is truly the only way.

God knows most. God knows best. Ain’t no way around it. While that may take a moment to digest and indoctrinate, the result actually feels good. It’s liberating.

In my case, the Universe knows what I want. I have been constant, consistent, and committed to ensuring that my intentions are clear. In fact, in 4 years, they haven’t wavered – I want to manifest millions. Even what I want to do with the millions hasn’t wavered  – I want to open the non-profit, Oak Lea Lane, to teach people the importance of believing in themselves. I want to be a volunteer Cheerleader for the Universe. But what also hasn’t wavered in 4 years?  My finances.

That doesn’t mean jack though. The Universe knows what Its doing. It has the ability to change my situation when the time is right. When it’s best. Which could be any day. Which means that what I am going through today is part of me. It’s making me stronger, wiser, smarter, happier, healthier, and overall more appreciative.

The Loving Almighty knows best. And that means that when the timing it right, the Universe will thrill and delight us with Its graciousness and generosity – whether you want companionship, a promotion, a partner, or a Porsche. Our job is to believe even when the present presents challenges, even through bad breaks and bad break ups, and even if people around us don’t believe, or worse, they don’t believe in us.

Trust in the timing. Let time test your patience, but never your resolve.