Together We Stand! – Values we can Stand Behind

Love for Orlando Sign

Watching strangers and witnessing a country rally in times of hardship instills me with a deep sense of pride and patriotism. Together we stand for something greater than our own individual beliefs. 

It’s hard to make sense of random acts of violence. It’s especially difficult when the violence is directed towards an entire group of people specifically targeted for their beliefs and preferences. 

Love is love is love is love (thank you Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda). 

Many people don’t agree with gay marriage, let alone understand the choice to be gay. But this is not our decision to make. Our role is to allow people to live their own lives independently of what we think about their choices. Our goal as a giving, caring, and compassionate individual is to refrain from judgement. When you appreciate that we are all connected, and come from the same Divine Source, what we as egocentric individuals think is “just” or “right” is insignificant. It’s flat out irrelevant. 

Respect individuals. 

Embrace freedom.

Give gratitude. 

And nurture love.

Those are values a country can stand behind.