The Water That Fills our Pool…the People who are our Fuel

My son just celebrated his 12th birthday and mine is on Friday the 26th. My Mom and sister (Sis Kris) have been visiting for the last few days, and my heart is full of love and laughter.

Family and friends fill us and heal us in ways that sometimes we didn’t even know needed helping. They help our heart. I often think of my heart, and what it needs to be big and full, open and compassionate. I think our heart is like a pool…a fancy pool with waves, jumping fountains, diving boards, and super slides. There is so much fun to be had. Admission is free. The more bobbing heads the merrier. It’s open 24 hours. And it’s all ours. Here’s the deal though, sometimes, lifeguards go on break. And sometimes, an unidentified object (or person) murkies the water which mandates professional servicing. 💩

The pool is ours and it’s our to look after. It’s our responsibility. One of the best ways to look after it is to fill it with love. And here’s where friends and family come in…because if our heart is a pool, then our friends and family are the water. Without water, the pool is out of commission. It’s lovely to look at and see its potential, but it doesn’t work as intended if it’s unattended.

Friends and family are meant to be part of us. They fill us up with love and laughter, lightness and joy. They make our heart rich and full. They are the water that turns our pool into a picturesque playground.

So jump in and enjoy the water, because the water – the love of our friends and family – feels great.