The Value of a Village

It’s Takes a Village. We’ve all heard that expression before, and it’s usually in reference to raising a child. Being a parent is such a great, unyielding, easily overwhelming responsibility that it requires the assistance of others. At times, however often or infrequent, we need the support of others to teach, protect, transport our children because we just can’t do it all, all the time. We need help.

And sometimes it’s not our child that needs the village, it’s the adult – it’s us. Because we learn as we go, we grow as we go. Experience is education. But at times we need help reading the signs, interpreting the lessons, and supporting the systems. And when we need help in certain areas, we owe it to ourselves to find our own villagers to lift us up, show us the path, and share their talents and experiences so that we can learn fully, faster, and as painlessly as possible. Creating a personalized community of professional villagers helps us transform from who we are into who we can be.

Top Three Suggested Professional Villagers:

  1. Massage Therapist: Our body needs love. Love comes in the form of exercise, and diet, and a healthy intake of water, but it also comes in the form of self kindness. Kindness meaning tenderness, as in tenderizing. Our bodies, like the chunks of muscle that they are, need kneading. Bodies benefit from touch, however tender or tough you prefer it be. I lovingly call my massage therapist (Erinlynne) the body whisperer. She specializes in craniosacral massage, which I don’t really know what that means other than she treats my battered heart as much as heals my misaligned hips. Over the last seventeen years that I’ve known Erinlynne, she’s taught me lessons on how to love without receiving, and how to lead without expecting others to follow.
  2. Holistic Doctor or Naturopath: These are wellness doctors who help you achieve and maintain good health. They typically prescribe vitamins, ointments, exercise, and/or Ayurvedic remedies. You see them on a regular basis (such as quarterly) as opposed to annually or when you are sick. Just this past Monday, my holistic doctor (Dr. Julie Rosenberg) prescribed 2 hours of uninterrupted, unplugged, day-time “quiet time” for 4 consecutive days. While as dreamy as that sounds, I would have preferred that she prescribed taking 20 vitamins, twice a day, for 20 days. Popping pills while annoying, is relatively quick and easy. Unplugging for 2 hours during the work day is not. Of course I did it anyhow though. Because she’s intentionally in my tribe, and in my village (the one I created) she’s the miracle-working, medicine woman.
  3. Coach, Therapist, or Intuitive: These are people who help you get to where to want to be. And if you don’t know where you want to be, they help you figure it out. There will be times when you don’t need them, which is great. But it’s helpful to have the foundation poured and the relationship established so that if you are disoriented or lost, there is someone who knows you that you can turn to help find/review/recalibrate the map.

We may be parents, and teachers, and coaches, and managers, and entrepreneurs, and CEOs. We may lead in various capacities, but we all are human, which means we all have flaws, weaknesses, insecurities, and ever-present egos which constantly strive to undermine our connection to our Creator. But recognizing our weaknesses doesn’t mean we are broken. Seeking support means we are healthy, humble, and wise enough to know that with the help of others, we become a stronger version of ourself.