Kiss and Tell – The Universe Decides How

Hanging Clothes in Closet

I’m not gonna tell. That’s what I’ve decided. When I get kissed, and more importantly how I get kissed, will stay in the closet (which truth be told, is actually where I was kissed for the first time). Unlike with that first kiss through which my besties were given the play-by-play, this kiss will remain a secret between two.

So when the question of “how did it happen” is asked, I won’t be sharing. 
HOW your dreams become reality…
HOW the Almighty manifests your intentions…
HOW you ultimately get what you want.. 
…doesn’t matter.  
It’s irrelevant. It’s not our role to solve for how. It’s not within our co-creating powers. That alone is reserved for the Almighty. HOW it happens may sate the curious, but it doesn’t contribute to the cause. It offers no support to the co-creating conversation, which is the one I want to focus on. So don’t bother asking how my millions were manifested. Mums the word.