The Purpose, Power, (and Pain) of Psychics…

I’ve got a secret, one that some would say is dirty or even embarrassing.

I love going to see psychics.

Yes in part, I go for entertainment just to see if there’s a modicum of truth to their intel. But I also have a psychic that I’ve consulted with for over 17 years, aptly named Majesty (pictured here).

WHY do I do this you may ask? What are the roles of psychics in the Universe? And do they “affect” the future?

In truth, as you well may be aware, not all psychics are gifted and/or well-meaning. I have had the good fortune and the misfortune of working with both well-intending-energy-readers and self-concerned-greedy-opportunists. The difference is easily determined. If someone is compelling you to continue the service, even if at a future point in time, be very wary. I was swindled in my late twenties out of thousands of dollars, during what was a very-vulnerable state. After what started out as a $25 reading, for the low, low price of $25,000 (not a typo – twenty five thousand dollars), this preying-psychic-pyscho offered to “pray” over mystical stones on my behalf. And goodness gracious bless my sweet gullible heart, I said yes! While I do not give these precious-stone-blessings any credit whatsoever for my current state of love and happiness, today I am grateful for who/what/where I am. Our choices – even the really, really hard-to-believe-I-did-that stupid ones – help us learn, and therefore, grow.

And here’s what I learned…psychics are not psychotherapists! Do not confuse the two. Psychotherapists are meant to be seen over a consistent period of time to help quiet concerns and/or change behavior. Alternatively, psychics provide insight into a snap shot in time – what’s happening right here, right now. If they are trying to “support” you, or direct energy on your behalf, or work with you to direct your own, walk away. Run away in fact. The real deals do not ask you come to back! If you need them in the future, you will know how to contact them.

So what then is the helpful about the power of psychics? I use them to help access where I am. A psychic reading is like a litmus test. If I like what I hear, I continue on the same path. If I don’t, then if I so elect, I make a conscious decision to think/act differently. Have I ever heard something I didn’t like? Absolutely. Has it scared me? Yes. But it has also empowered me. What is important to understand is that readings don’t actually foretell the truth. They tell you what is possible (noticeably absent a guarantee) if you continue without change.

Coming from a person who’s for years looked across from the proverbial crystal ball, what is crystal clear is that the only person in charge of your future is you!

Jamaica 2004: Sir Majesty Tolaka & his Family and me, Kassandra Lea