The Pitfalls of Poor Packing

Image of Waiheke Island in New Zealand

On our 2nd continent in our 3rd of 20+ weeks of travel, I’m already regretting my packing choices. Packing for nearly 6 months of nomad homelessness presents its own sort of challenge, but adding to it the perquisite of packing and storing all of one’s possessions in advance of such worldwide wandering was arguably a regrettable undertaking, if not absurd expectation.

Despite having three months to get our act together and plan/purge/pack with intention, the final days before liftoff were shear chaos. I had to pack what I wanted for our trip (one pile), what I wanted immediately upon our return (second pile), what I wanted for the rental house we’ll eventually move into (third pile), and what could go into deep storage until we find the next house we want to buy (fourth pile).

As you might imagine, these piles were not self-contained. There was a lot of cross pollination. What’s worse, when the movers arrived, anything not in a box was swiftly (dare I say surreptitiously), put in one and loaded onto the truck with no chance of immediate recovery.

Consequentially, I have one pair of pants (and yet 6 bathing suits?) and we’re on the other side of the world in the Southern Hemisphere about to enter winter season. Need I even mention that I am a person who’s always cold?

Of course, I can always buy another pair of pants, but so far, there’s been no allotted free time for travel trivialities such as shopping. So for now, I thank Athleta for using sturdy material. And I thank my bestie for arriving in Australia in a few weeks with her fabulous family and yes, also with some wearable reinforcements.

Here’s what I’ve learned about packing for a long journey:

  1. function trumps fashion – there’s no shame (or judgment) in wearing the same outfit days on end;
  2. too much of anything (even cute swimsuits) is weight not wanted;
  3. water-resistant jackets slowly get you soaked, and;
  4. washable, travel underwear is well-worth the investment.

Plan accordingly. I wish I had.

With loving gratitudes,

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