The Miracle Cure for the Mundane


In the last month of May, I’ve co-chaired my children’s school auction, sold my business, launched a coaching career, applied and been accepted into a 2-year mindfulness meditation teacher training program, welcomed in year 15 of wedding bliss, and came in last place in a golf tournament with my mom. It was eventful.

Yet, just like with other months, I struggled with thinking that my days were both boringly similar and unremarkably uneventful. It took conscious awareness and mindful redirecting to remind myself that where I am today, is where I am meant to be. I frequently needed to remember that however trivial today may feel, what I’m doing today is so very important and necessary for the tomorrow that I am creating.

And what I’ve found, what I know to be true, is that the miracle cure for the mundane is being grounded in gratitude. When we find ourselves wrestling with impatience or seeming insignificance, the fix to feeling calm is to appreciate the here and now. Because where we are now is not a reflection of where we will eventually be. But…where we are now is a necessary existence to where it is that we want to be. And for that, we can be grateful.

With appreciation for and acknowledgment of the importance of that at which we are doing, and learning, and experiencing right now, we find peace. Impatience dissolves with importance. With our gratitude, we find our peace. And since peace is a purveyor of joy, with gratitude which brings peace, we find joy.

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