The Imperfect Practice of Practicing Meditation

While I’ve been an active, participating/practicing fan of meditation for nearly five years, it doesn’t happen daily. That’s the goal of course, but it’s not always the execution.

And here’s what I’ve recently realized…like with anything, when you break a routine, it affects the frequency of the activity. The routine improves the chances of successful execution. When the routine changes, the probability of execution changes. But with meditation, at least with me, not just the execution changes, but the efficacy of the activity itself changes.

Despite being a meditation devotee for years, having taken the summer off for pool, beach, and board games, when I find time for meditating (which let’s be honest, really means “make time for” meditating), I struggle to quiet my mind. It’s almost as if two months of incessant chatter has built up in my brain and needs time and attention to be noticed and released. It feels like I’m trapped in a big white winterized tennis dome. In order to get to the intended, expansive and comfortable space, you first have to walk through turbulently windy revolving doors. And I’m currently stuck in the wildly windy, hair flying, skirt lifting rotation. Round and round, my brain is spinning and the more I try to silence the whispers of ideas and thoughts, the louder they become.

But I do it anyways. Because the practice of practicing meditation isn’t perfect. There isn’t right and wrong. Or even good and bad. Taking a few minutes to disrupt our daily deluge of actions and reactions to simply be still, still entitles us to all of the benefits of meditation:

  • Decreased tension, fear, and apprehension
  • Increased disease and illness prevention
  • Increased brain functioning and development
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep and digestion

This happens just because try. Because when it comes to meditation, trying is doing. We may not find and feel the comforting silence of Source. But we still benefit from trying.

With loving gratitudes,

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