The Boomerang Effect to Giving

Sometime in my early thirties, I remember reading an article about the importance of having girlfriends loosely defined as women who you have your back. I believe the magic number to have was at least five. At the time, I had a two-year-young husband, a newborn and a start-up. I balked and wondered when I’d ever have the luck to find five such friends, let alone have the time to enjoy them.

Skip forward a decade and births to a daughter and two more start-ups, I somehow am so very blessed to say I have so many wonderful, supportive, thoughtful and generous girlfriends that it takes two hands and a foot to count them all.

I couldn’t relate then to what is so very relevant and revered in my world today. I didn’t have close friends, and frankly didn’t value them because I wasn’t one myself. I was a person with limited capacity and investing time into my husband, children, and my varied professional pursuits put me at full capacity.

These days, I understand, appreciate, value and devote myself to being a real friend who actively works on creating and clearing communication lines because I so value these people in my life who do the same for me.

In the non-coincidental world in which we live, I’m currently reading a book (Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch) and it speaks of giving that which you wish to receive. I thought of it in terms of giving time, talent, and treasures. Until the moment of writing this post however, I didn’t make the connection of being the friend you want to have. But it’s exact the same.

When we are the friend we wish to be, we attract that which we are. What we give, we receive.

Girlfriends you humble me. Thank you for loving me so, for all that you give, all that you are, and yes, for this surprise going away gathering too!

With loving gratitudes,

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