The Benefits of Space Clearing

On my way to a meeting in Florida, I found myself with an empty home, too little time to start a new project, and too much time to sit idly by and wait for the cab to arrive.

Just the day before I had watched Denise Linn free Hay House videos on how to clear/renew the energy in your surroundings. Suddenly I had the time, tools, and privacy. ThisΒ was an opportune time, as if it were always part ofΒ the plan.

I grabbed bells, a candle, some sage and got to work. I decided that each room should be different.

  • In my son’s room I internationalized calm, confidence, and coordination.
  • In my daughter’s, joy and happiness.
  • In my office, financial abundance.
  • In my bedroom, health and harmony.

I’m now on a plane, smelling of burnt sage whichΒ I’m sure my seat-mates don’t appreciate, but I feel good knowing our roomsΒ have been reenergized. I’m always happy to come home. But now I have something new to look forward to.

Ingraining our intentions within is effort well spent, even if you smell a bit strange afterwards.