The Benefits of Looking Up

We’ve been scuba diving in four countries, and while seeing the colors, corals, and exotic fish is engaging, one of my favorite features of scuba diving is swimming on my back, looking up from under the sea into the sunlight shining down. 

With diving, you can experience how the light pierces and penetrates the ocean surface. On a cloudless, sunny day, the rays reach down far beneath the breaking waves. When looking up from depths below, it’s how I imagine it will be when we leave our bodies and move towards the Divine. The light will be streaming and stretching in our direction, clearing the path, welcoming us into Its Omnipotent Presence. It’s as if the light reaches down to touch you, highlighting the path for ascension. Even though I really am the uncomfortable, figurative “fish out of water” in the ocean, when I’m down below the surface and looking up, I feel an overwhelming sense of calm, peace, and incredible, reverential awe.

Like when looking up from under the sea, I experience equal, awe-stuck appreciation when watching clouds, witnessing the setting sun, and observing the radiant moon and twinkling stars. 

There’s the physical: the sky’s expansiveness helps me feel grounded because of that expansiveness, in sharp comparison to this gravitational pull – what’s around me, what’s in my immediate, physical presence. And there’s the emotional: looking up at the sheer vastness of the sky helps me scale into appropriate size (answer: indiscriminately small) whatever thoughts, fears or emotions I’m struggling with. And then there’s the undefined: in a sea of twinkling lights, light-years away, looking up at the night’s sky also makes me feel connected to the energy of the unknown. 

“Looking up” means more than just being optimistic, looking up…

  • allows us to see the vastness of opportunities that exist when we expand our horizons;
  • allows us to believe in unlimited, unrestrained possibilities and potential; and,
  • allows the light to shine down upon us, inviting us to bask in the presence of the Divine.

With infinite space, there’s so much that we don’t know. There’s so much that we can’t see. And that’s OK. In fact that’s a blessing. Because not seeing EVERYTHING makes room for us to believe ANYTHING! And how beautiful is that?! Choice. Opportunity. Creativity. What a gift!

Looking up leads to expansion. What is it that you see? Where will you go? The sky’s the limit!

With loving gratitudes,

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