Sustaining Faith in the Inbetween

When manifesting a goal, one transformative and what you may define as “big” (though the Universe has no gauge of big or small) it can be hard to sustain faith when you don’t see progress. After all, for most, seeing is believing. It’s easy to believe it after you’ve seen it.

But the truth of manifesting is that you need to believe BEFORE you will see. When you believe it, you will see it. You need to have a firm, resolute commitment to believing in the Law of Attraction (for all), the Love of the Almighty (for you), your worthiness (you deserve happiness), and your ability (you can manifest) to attract for yourself that which you want.

Believing before you see is the fundamental foundation of faith. With faith, you choose to think something to be true without having tangible, hard evidence of its existence. Faith is a commitment to thought or discipline. It’s intentional action to believe in something before the outcome is certain. We believe in God even though we won’t truly know God until we are reunited at death. Our faith overcomes uncertainty.

With manifesting, there can be long stretches of uncertainty, periods of time when you wonder if your intentions are being heard. I myself have been manifesting millions for 4 years now. And I’ll be honest, I’ve never been more in debt. My business Lillybee is suffering. I’ve had to put tens of thousands of dollars on my personal credit cards to keep it afloat. And still, the future of stripes isn’t looking bright.

But I continue to believe, even in the dark days of uncertainty, ambiguity, and disappointment. This is my path. It is what needs to happen to get to where I am going. And so I accept today, and give thanks for today, because I believe today is necessary for what tomorrow (or next week, next month, next year) will bring.

When we believe, we will see. Don’t stop believing just because seeing takes time.