Support Mental Wellness with Meditation

When a person takes his/her own life, it’s heartbreaking. It’s tragic. It always seems like an opportunity lost – a life need not be taken willingly, unless perhaps in the case when it’s gallantly offered in exchange for saving the lives of others.

Not one, but two well-known and widely beloved people took their lives this week, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. From a stranger’s perspective, they both seemed to have what many crave – fame, fortune, followers, and a passion for their profession. But despite world-wide recognition, stardom doesn’t shelter loneliness. The adoration and appreciation of many doesn’t necessarily lead to the love of one, the love of oneself – the love we have for ourselves.

Mental wellness is greatly undervalued and unappreciated, and yet it is the lens through which all life is experienced. Without our mind, without our thoughts, what remains is mere bone without being.

With meditation, the goal is realize that we are not thoughts – meaning that thoughts come and go, and we need to attach value only to those thoughts that we determine that add value. We are more than our thoughts. We are the entity, the spiritual being, that decides which thoughts are those we identify with and which will come to define us. Meditation helps to distinguish substance from sabotage. And on a spiritual level, meditation helps us connect to Source, which is the True Love from which we came and to which we will return. The automatic, effortless connection that systematically calms and comforts.

Is meditation a substitution for medication? On a case-by-case basis, perhaps. But regardless, meditation supplements and supports medication. Undoubtedly, meditation supports mental wellnesses.

With all the Free Apps available (Calm, HeadsSpace, Insight Timer, etc.), there are ample resources to support the initiation and sustainment of an ongoing meditation practice. Or if you are like me, simply light a candle and lie down. My preferred meditation is quiet, unguided, and alone. The beauty of meditation though is its flexibility. You personalize the practice to make it work for you. The key is simply spending 5+ minutes a day quieting your thoughts so you learn how to manage them.

If anything, perhaps the early, unfortunate suicides of these two beloved, popular personalities will highlight the importance of mental wellbeing, and yes, the value in meditation. You will be missed by many Kate and Anthony.

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