Starry, Starless Night

Image of Te Anau in New Zealand

We’re spending the last of our days in New Zealand down in the Fiorlands to get up close and personal with what’s been called the Eighth Wonder of the World. Aside from seeing these majestic mountains of rock and timber that fade, or rather fall precipitously, into the water, I’ve spent a lot of time doing something else that I love, sitting in a hot tub staring up at the night’s sky.

Last night I found myself alone looking at a starless sky coated with clouds. For the first time on this journey which we are now three weeks into, I had both the free time and the freedom to let my mind wonder. Naturally, it drifted towards what’s next. And in what seemed like months, a fresh, creative thought arose.

It was a vision for the future, one not previously considered, let alone contemplated. It’s elaborate. It’s romantic. It’s idealistic and it’s also a bit extreme.

It came with a big WOW wouldn’t that be so cool?! In captivated thought, it was fascinating to take into perspective all that needed to come before it – the good and the bad, the pleasurable and the painful – to create both the platform and the experience for such an original idea to arise. The more I came to settle upon this scenario being the perfect combination of our collective life circumstances (Geoffrey, the kids, and myself), the more I settled into the idea as being less lofty, and more likely.

And then something I can only describe as “wild” happened. In looking up at the night’s sky, a single, lonely but perhaps very meaningful drop of water fell on my nose. The isolated droplet was not just on my nose, it was perfectly placed (ok, technically it fell) onto the very tip of my nose. It was as if someone from above sent a message that if noticed, if I chose to believe, would subtly suggest that I was on to something. Perhaps it, or she, was hinting that my line of thinking was accurate, so much so that I “hit it on the nose.” I sat in the tub for another 20 minutes and noticeably, nary a drop of rain fell anywhere on my body, let alone my face. 🎯

For now, I’m quietly contemplating these what-comes-next considerations (don’t yet ask me about them Mom) as we continue our circle about the globe. Time will tell what truly unfolds. All I know is that I’m grateful for fresh ideas…and that I’m going to keep the lines of divine communication open – always and in all ways (rain drops included).

With loving gratitudes,

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