Season of Presents & Presence

Wrapped Present Iamge

‘Tis the season for shopping. I’ve certainly done my share.

I was emailing with a friend I hadn’t heard from recently and it got me thinking about what we give of ourselves. The things we buys, the stuff we give, it’s all really just a sign of having fond feelings for the recipient. We were thinking of that person, and wanted them to feel love, so we purchased a gift as a small sign of our appreciation.
The real gift we give though is ourselves. Whether it is the time spent shopping for our friend or family member, or if it’s the time spent together during the gift exchange, the true exchange is of ourselves. And that is what makes Christmas is so special.

So at Christmas, the pinnacle of the gift giving time of year, I hope that we all can pause and appreciate those we sit before and thank them not so much for their gift, but for their presence in your life.

Perhaps better said by Bil Keane…Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present.