Read/Follow/Share Gabby Bernstein – Universe Has Your Back Book Review

Garry Bernstein Universe Has Your Back Book

I’m a Gabby Bernstein fan. She adorable, produces great video content on believing in yourself, and just published a book entitled The Universe Has Your Back, a copy of which I just purchased and is on its way to me.

I paused for 1/2 a second and wondered that since I too wrote a book about the art of harnessing the power of Universe, if I should abstain from reading Gabby’s book. I wondered if it would cause me to feel less inspired to share my own book.

Perhaps hers is better. (It probably is.)

Perhaps hers will contain some of the same content. (It probably will.)

So what though?! ┬áThe goal hasn’t changed. In fact, our goals are the same. Gabby and I both want to help people learn of and benefit from the awesome, all-loving abundant Universe. So by all means, I want her book, her videos, and her efforts to be widespread and wildly successful. The more people learn these universally-available tools about the Universe, the more people that will succeed in following and fulfilling their dreams. Love abounds. Love leads. Love wins.

I am happy to do whatever I can to┬ácontribute to her success, and thus to the success of many. So go buy her book. If enough people listen and learn, then perhaps there’s no need to share my book. And that’s perfectly OK with me.