Pausing in Place Creates Space

I love this season because it gives me the reason and the opportunity to connect with people I care about, but don’t often see. Of course that involves family, but it also includes dear friends like the one I had lunch with last week. 

When I choose to be in the company of an individual, which I admit to being more and more selective of, I try my best to be emotionally open (as in honest) and present (as in undistracted). I want to be authentic and available, because why waste their time, and really my own, if I’m anything else. 

And what happens when we are fully present and open, is the gift of perspective. Yes – meditation helps remind us that we are more than our mere thoughts. But being in the company of people we trust gives us the opportunity to open our hearts and minds to varied viewpoints and alternative approaches. I am constantly, continuously impressed by and grateful for the freshness of having a trusted surrogate look at my situation or stance, and offer options for consideration.

In my case, I needed reminding of reasons why not having lofty ambitions can be advantageous. I am a person who likes creating, pursuing, and accomplishing aggressive goals. And at present, I don’t have any.  Granted, at first it was fun having a carefree and uncramped schedule, but then a touch of insignificance began to creep into the expansive time gaps.

My dear friend was able to help me see through her eyes (since my own were biasedly blurred), that while lack of direction may feel unfamiliar and unsettling, it is equally advantageous. Even though it can seem stale, pausing in place helps give us the space to create movement. And what a gift that is!

Sometimes saying “Hold please” to the go-getting part of us is the precise movement (or lack thereof) needed to make meaningful progress. And sometimes, we need a fresh perspective and perhaps a trusted third party, to see that obstacles are also opportunities and that planned pauses have purpose.

With loving gratitudes,

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