It’s Done – I Paid It Forward Everyday for a Year!!!

Sometimes I write during the week, and sometimes I wait until the end of the week. Today, I waited until today.

Today marks the final day, day 365, of Paying It Forward and filming, editing, and scoring each day’s adventure to post to my YouTube channel. Today is cause for celebration. Not because something is over, but because something is accomplished!

365 days ago I spontaneously, haphazardly, made a video committing to Paying It Forward everyday for a year. It wasn’t really a pre-meditated decision. It felt more like a child-like, dough-eyed proclamation. When I made the declaration, I hadn’t really considered the dedication it entailed.

But I got started, and one day lead to the next and before I knew it, it was day 100, then 200, then 300, then today. What I didn’t appreciate at the time is that this was a lesson, or really a reminder. When we objectively look at a giant commitment, the “dream big” goals that we hold deep in our hearts, it can seem impossible to get from here to there. But if we do something everyday to move us towards that goal, the progress builds, and then that progress itself serves as the inspiration to keep the momentum going.

I remember back to 2007 when my first retail venture SimplySoles was 3 years old. I ran SimplySoles  and its 2 employees from my basement, while also holding down a full-time job managing finances for a high-powered family, chasing an 18 month old, and nursing a newborn. People would ask me how I was going to do it all. They saw the big picture, and it was admittedly a wide-eyed dream to think I could handle all of the above and still maintain some sense of sanity. Sure I had my hard-working husband and a wonderful nanny. But some things (like run the company, be the employee, nurse the baby) only I could do. My answer then was the same as it is now. I didn’t know. I didn’t how it would all get done because I didn’t have the “how” answers. I simply knew where I was going and what needed to be done today.

My story is undoubtedly no different from every other woman’s. We are masters of many. We juggle, balance, manage, accommodate, and ultimately accomplish only to set and aspire to new goals.

And sometimes, like for me today, we need to pause and applaud before we hit the reset button. Like marathon runners who train for months to push their body through a grueling 26 mile goal, the victory is mostly personal. No one knows how many days I wanted to take a day off, or how many times I was pleading (with myself) to quit, or how many people gave me strange looks, or how many attempts one day’s giveaway would take. I have my own wounds (thankfully unlike marathoners though, all my toenails are intact). And today, I also have a proud sense of accomplishment.

When we challenge ourselves, we expand our horizons. We see farther. We reach deeper. We break boundaries. Sometimes we fail, and learn. Sometimes we succeed, and learn. But we always grow more, because we know more.

I know you know what I’m talking about, and I’d love to hear your stories so please share.

Day 364 of Paying It Forward. (Day 365 is currently being filmed.)

With loving gratitudes (and perhaps a glass of champagne),

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