Notice Others to Notice Change

Gratitude is my Love Language

I just read an AMAZING book called The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. The power of words as evidenced by its effects on water is truly mind-blowing, and for me, life changing. I highly recommend that you read this short and simple book.

Today though, I want to focus on an experiment that the author does with standing rice. Using just rice, Masaru is able to effectively prove that being ignored and unnoticed is actually more damaging than being the victim of verbal rebuke and criticism – even with something as unevolved as uncooked rice.

It’s a simple truth. We have a need to be noticed. Even if we are introverts by nature who thrive in the company of none, I venture to say that people like to feel that they matter and that the work they do, the effort they make, helps either an organization or a population, even if it’s a population of one.

I know I like it when people, or even just one single individual, gives me their time and attention. Without even consciously acknowledging it, it feeds my soul. It simply feels good. And what usually happens when a person pays attention to you is that, in return, you pay attention to them. You both benefit!

This is equally true in the field of manifesting. How we were made was with masterful Divine intention. When you pay attention to the Universe, and give genuine, consistent gratitude, the Universe pays attention to you.

In truth, the Universe is always paying attention to you, waiting for you to engage. Gratitude just happens to be the universal language of the Universe.  When you acknowledge the presence of the Almighty and give grace for Its Love, you feel loved, noticed, and appreciated. It’s impossible not to. And not only does that feeling of being loved warm the heart and soul, it is that very feeling of positive energy that brings about meaningful, manifestable change.