My Winning Lottery Ticket

Image of Winning Lottery Ticket

Life is good. Even when it’s hard.

Ever since that Wednesday a few weeks back when I asked the Universe to show me it was listening, some really fun things have happened. We…

  1. received deposits from Lillybee’s factoring bank (they previously forgot to post);
  2. randomly (not random) was contacted by Zulily with a request for an immediate sale;
  3. spontaneously sold 700 pairs of shoes to one entrepreneurial woman who’s ready to stripe her sorority sisterhood pink and green.

The most thrilling of these fortuitous events though was something that required active participation. I found a winning lottery ticket. It was face down on the pavement. I walked past it, and something told me to go back. I turned around, walked back, and picked up what looked like trash. Instead it was a winning $50 ticket.

I didn’t know if I should keep it. I felt like I was taking it from someone else. It felt akin to stealing. Someone would realize they dropped it and come back looking for it. Someone else needed this more than me. I was conflicted, so I decided to put it back on the ground just the way I found it and I walk away.

I got back to my car some 3 blocks away, but I couldn’t get in.  It felt like I had made a mistake. If the Universe wants to give me money by my innocently finding it, why then should I say no? What message does that send the Universe?

I looked around and there was no one to give the winning ticket to. I couldn’t leave it at the front desk for the owner to claim it. After all, I was on a busy corner of downtown Washington DC. And I couldn’t wait around on the corner until its “rightful” owner appeared.

So after considerable internal debate, I went back, and picked it up a second and final time. And then I gave profusive thanks to the Universe for all the ways it surprised and delights. $50 is but a drop in the bucket of what Lillybee needs to find solid footing again, but it’s indisputably one striped step forward!