My Faith Statement – Universe Has Your Back

Faith Statement for Universe Has Your Back

I’m about half way through the first chapter in Gabby Bernstein’s book entitled “The Universe Has Your Back” and I’m a big fan. I happen to love “experience shares” (as I affectionately call personal stories) because they make big concepts like co-creating with the Universe feel believable and attainable. It’s the entire basis for my book…but I digress…my book isn’t even out yet. Gabby’s book is awesome and you should buy it.

One of the many exercises she suggests is to write a Faith Statement. I know what I believe, but I have never put it into a statement. I like the idea so I wrote one. My goal is to read it every day and see if after a few weeks of putting it on, how it still feels.

Kassie’s Faith Statement – October 17, 2016

Today I am grateful for all the experiences the Almighty¬†has given me, for I know that…
I am learning;
I am loved;
I am not alone, and;
I am a powerful co-creator with the Divine.

Sounds good to me. What sounds good to you?