Move, Moved, Moving…

Hi there. I know, it’s been awhile. I’ve missed you.

My last post was from Spain in July 2019, a lifetime ago given all that happens in a typical year, let alone what’s happened in just these last 5 months (hello COVID, George Floyd, wearing masks, marching for justice, etc.).

In the midst of social distancing, self-isolating, watching the 13th Amendment on NetFlix (a must), learning of and acknowledging white privilege, and moving from Washington DC to Wilmington NC, I quietly launched a new website:

Closing upon the completion of two-years of training to become a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, I’ve equally invested time into understanding commonalities amongst the world’s largest religions – Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism (although many argue that Buddhism is a way of life as opposed to a doctrine). And what I know is that treating each others as equals, in the way that we ourselves want to be treated, is a fundamental foundation of each. It’s at the very core of the various sacred texts, yet as we know and witness, this is not the way of the world. We’ve lost site of who we are on the inside – those similarities that bind us with and to each other.

What I’ve learned from 10+ years of meditating and contemplating the human experience is that when we come to know our true selves, our true nature, the core of our being, which is separate and isolated from ego (briefly defined as our personality), we are loved, loving, peaceful, calm, caring creations that continue far beyond the lifespan of our physical bodies. Meditation has so many wonderful, stress-relieving, mind and body benefits. We are healthier and happier for it, but what’s most important for me to share and to teach is the spiritual certainty that meditation instills, or more accurately stated, the divine being that meditation reveals – your true essence.

If you want to join in me on the journey of understanding who you are, who he, she, they, them, us, ALL are, please head over to and consider signing up for my blog.

Praying you remain safe and grounded in these turbulent, transformative times.

With loving gratitudes for you always,

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