Mothers May Memoir

Homemade Mothers Day Card

Mothers Day was just this past Sunday, and I spent mine doing that which I love most:

  • eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts;
  • taking a bath;
  • watching my children conquer new things (my daughter had her first hit in softball);
  • drinking wine; and,
  • spending time laughing and connecting as a family, while we (hubs, me, Oakley and Lily) played games outside in the backyard.

These are my favorite four people. Spending time with them alone, having their full attention, fills my heart. I also fully recognize it will be more challenging as they inch ever closer to tweenagership, so the time is NOW.

At the end of evening, when all were in bed, I walked outside and enjoyed the silence of stillness. I made a mental note to remember how simple and yet so fulfilling the day was. No gifts were exchanged other than the present of being present. I’m a “quality time” girl at heart (one of the “Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman), so there’s really no better gift to give me.

What I’ve come to realize though is that having quality time with myself in the form of taking a bath, meditating, or simply reflecting quietly on the porch, gives me the mental space and awareness to be fully present when people give me the gift of their presence. Time is a gift – perhaps the most important one a person can give, not just to me (a “quality time” girl) but to anyone.

So as a caring mother, an attentive wife, an impassioned leader, and a trusted friend, I am responsible for creating this space. If I want to be good at being any of these roles, which I do, then making time for “me time” should be a daily commitment and priority. I care about people. I care about anyone and everyone that gives me their time and attention. So with that, I have a renewed commitment to me. It sounds selfish when I say it that way, but I know it’s actually the most considerate thing I can do for others.