Memory Making Moments

In the throes of packing out our four-story row house, I’ve made a meaningful self-discovery. According to the Chinese Zodiac, I’m a rat. While that explains my penchant for money-pinching, what I’ve come to recently realize is that I’m actually, also, a pack rat. I’m a stasher and a stuffer. If there is a free drawer, cabinet, or corner, you better be sure there’s a stockpile of stuff in it. And it’s everywhere I turn.

Packing is painful enough, but constantly sorting through stacks of stuff has inspired me. Actually, it goaded me into misery and disgust, but like the phoenix who rises from its ashes, I am born again with renewed insight and resolve.

Right now, starting with this public declaration, I’m making the conscious, intentional transformation from rat to bird. I’m no longer a loaded-down pack rat, I’m a light and liberated free bird!

Less is more! More meaning. More space. More joy!

As part of this transformation and dedication, I plan to acquire less, and consume more by making more memories through rich and meaningful experiences. This is a conscious shift towards cherishing time, and the people we get to spend it with.

As Eckhart Tolle extolls, all we have is now. And now is not a thing that goes in a drawer or gets put in a box. It’s moments. Why not elect to make them special by acknowledging their importance.

Less things, more moments with meaning. Care to join me in flight?

With loving gratitudes,

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