Making Space for the New

Lillybee Lifestyle Brand

I have a day job – one that I love and have been leading for the last 4 years. I’m the CEO/Co-Founder of Lillybee, a lifestyle brand for women who are champions of both spirit and style.

I love this business, and have been fearlessly, tirelessly devoted to it even since I first gave birth to the idea back in 2012. From my (admittedly biased) perspective, the gameday industry needs a brand that is founded by women, built for women, specifically designed for fashionable female fans who are proud to show their true colors. I recruited the help of a talented brand expert who became a partner and dear friend. And while the first three years were tough, they were so frequently filled with glorious highs, accomplishments, and interacting with wonderful people that the setbacks and challenges felt like mere fillers in our overall story.

Last year was difficult though. Things changed. Despite being up 50% through August, our overall sales were down because the last five months of the year were so abysmal. We lost an important account. We lost profits. I also lost my trusted traveling companion (my partner/friend who recently opted for a passive role in the business).

Where I am today is not where any of us (including one TRULY REMARKABLE Angel Investor) thought we would be. But where we are is where we are meant to be. I don’t question that even though it’s not what we wanted. This is what I know to be true:

  • We know where we came from.
  • We know where we are.
  • We know where we are going.
  • What we don’t know is what our path will look like along the way.

However, because we believe in Co-Creating with the Universe, we know we will see success. By default this means that we were always on the path of achievement.

So now, as I actively work to align my goals for Lillybee with reality, I am making room for the new. What does that mean? Literally, I’m clearing off shelf space. Figuratively, I am making room for what’s to come.

I know what I want. I also know that my path to get there is uncertain because the Universe knows best. And because of my faith in the Universe, and in the Law of Attraction, and in me, I can actually be grateful for the journey.