Lessons Learned from the Grave

Little Girl on a Horse

My dad died of brain cancer when I was 18. He was but 41 years young. My sister and I laugh because he didn’t want to age, as in look old. And so he didn’t.

A few days after my dad died, I vividly remember talking to him one night alone in my bedroom. I told him out loud (to be certain his spirit heard me) “Dad, I miss you. I’m not sad though because I know you are still here with me. And I know you will be looking out for me. Please though, don’t ever show your ghost spirit to me because I would be forever freaked out.”

That was almost 30 years ago. And guess what, I STILL don’t want to see his ghost. It’s unnecessary, and despite being 44 years of age, it would scare me so much it would leave scars.

Instead what my dad does, repeatedly, is come to me in my dreams. This method of communication I approve and welcome. What I find most interesting though, is that while the sceneries change, the conversations are always the same.

My dad looks great – maybe age 30, but then again, he looked great at 41. I see him and I’m shocked. I tell him that he’s died, and ask him how he’s there in my physical presence, doing some super mundane task like stacking firewood or unloading the dishwasher. His response is always, consistently, the same. With noted exasperation and a tinge of annoyance, he hugs me and says “I’ve always been right here.”

I’ve read the books of pundits whom I trust (aka Wayne Dyer, Dr. Eben Alexander, Anita Moorjani). I’ve read amply on the subject of Near-Death-Experiences (“NDEs”). And like I believe in the Law of Attraction and the ability to co-create with the Universe, I know we are more than our bodies. When we die we return to where we came from – a non-physical world where the non-physical commune with the Original Source, the Highest Collective Consciousness, the Universe, the Almighty, the THE.

My dad has told me such. Just thankfully in few words lest I be “forever freaked out.”

Spirit Dad – Please note that your message has been received. I really got it now. I’ll see you in my dreams, though next time, can you please teach me something new?