Learning from Loss – RIP Molly Rempel

Happy Dog with Tongue Hanging Out

Today we say goodbye to our sweet dog of 14 years – Molly. I jokingly say she was the best barking doorbell and mobile vacuum a loving family could ask for.  She leaves us with more than perhaps we ever gave her – no matter how many Thanksgiving dinners she consumed courtesy of her stealth table-surfing-skills.

Molly gave us the opportunity for the children experience loss with the support of my husband and me there to help counsel and comfort.

Being by her side to say goodbye helped to ease the pain of thinking she was lonely or afraid. Seeing their dad cry helped to draw our their own tears. And then there was the election to have her cremated, which sparked many emotionally-charged conversations.

We are not our body. We aren’t even our minds (our mind is our ego). We are old souls connected to all other old souls, and born from the same Divine Source.

The kids didn’t want Molly to be cremated because they attached their thoughts of Molly to her physical form. Burning the remains of “Molly our beloved family dog” seemed to them inhumane. But it provided the platform to help foster conversations we’ve had multiple times before about the difference between a spiritual being and a human being (or a dog in this case). The spirit is infinite and timeless. The human being hosts the spirit, but ultimately it is but a vessel. We need to take care of it and give it thanks, but we are more than mere flesh and bones. We do not honor our True Self by attaching ourselves to the physical form.

These are TOUGH lessons for a 9 and 10 year old, and even for my husband no less. So thank you Molly for being such a great dog, and for giving us this last gift of gab. We have much to be thankful for because of you.