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Why Wait - Today is Here

Thank you for dropping by. Consider yourself a welcomed guest. I hail from the South, and in addition to sweet tea and buttered biscuits, my favorite home-brewed tradition is one of gracious hospitality. I will do my best to ensure you enjoy your visit.

Why this blog exists…
In the fall of 2015, I wrote a short little book called, I BELIEVE. I finished it and put it aside for over a year while deciding if I was willing to share it with others, exposing my true identity and beliefs. Few knew of my deep spirituality and unwavering faith in the Almighty. Even fewer knew I was a big believer in the Law of Attraction. It felt more unsettling and risqué to divulge these personal mantras and truths to my circle of familiars, than with a stadium full of strangers. But slowly, one by one, I started to share.

The reactions of those I cared for and trusted ranged from unacknowledged silence (graciously preferred to ridicule), to “very nice sweetie” (think pat on the head), and to “thank you for teaching me something I didn’t know about you and didn’t know about the way of the world.” Once I overcame my fear of their reaction, I was able to embrace the reason why I wrote the book in the first place: not for my own gain but for the benefit of others. I want to teach, share, inspire, and encourage. And I fully realized I can’t genuinely, meaningfully, compassionately and wholeheartedly do that from behind a curtain, or even more pointedly, a book or blog. You have to put yourself on the line, make yourself vulnerable, expose your weaknesses, imperfections, and fears. I’m willing and ready to do that because then I hope you – the reader – will realize my intentions are pure.

So while the retreat center I am creating, Oak Lea Lane, is not yet open for business, I am on a mission to help educate everyone in my circle, no matter how small it starts or how big it becomes. I want you to believe in yourself, in the love of the Almighty, and your ability to co-create. I want you to live the life, be the person, feel the love, have the profession, own the possessions you want. Because you are a beautiful being created from Love, with Love, and you are fully deserving and capable of all you want to be true.

You just need to BELIEVE.