In the Vortex of Change – It may not be pretty but it’s where you are meant to be

Tornado Image

At present, my life is a bit like a circus act – there are lots of spinning plates precipitously balanced on wooden sticks. The red-wigged, colorfully striped clown in the middle ring is actually me.

There is an unusual amount of potential change percolating around me as I:

  1. Adjust to a traveling/home-on-the-weekends husband;
  2. Explore a potential family move 1,500 miles from DC to Denver; and
  3. Strive to overcome major business challenges and changes in personnel and direction.

I don’t know why there is this tour de force of change is happening all in the same 6 month time frame. My family may move, not just down the street but across the country. And unrelated to the move except for its timing, my business may close. Both my life personal and professional worlds are colliding in the chaos of change.

I’m in the vortex of the tornado and I don’t know where I’m going to land.

What I do know however, is that I trust.  All I’m going through is with Divine intention. This is my path. I am in the eye of the hurricane because this is exactly where I supposed to be.

This doesn’t mean that I’m comfortable. It’s doesn’t mean that I like the view. But I am where I am because here is where I need to be.