I Should’ve Known Better

Each year around this time, I speak with Maggie Garbarini, the world-renowned psychic I met at Miraval five years ago. And for the last five years, she’s told me the same three things:

  1. There will be a move of home. It’s “good for us.”
  2. We’re taking the kids on a “trip across water” probably to Paris. In prior readings, it was going to happen when the kids are “older.” This week, it was “in the next few months.”
  3. I’m meant to be of service in the world, as I have “knowledge from prior lifetimes” that “needs to be shared.”

With the exception of this week, in the prior 4 years whenever she said these 3 things, I’d secretly snicker because I flat out didn’t believe her and wanted her to move on to the next bit of wisdom that I hoped contained credible clairvoyant truths.

Sitting here today, in late November 2018, I’m shaking my head not in disbelief, but in shame. I shouldn’t know better! Now I can’t speak for the third item because that’s something I’m still trying to understand, but here’s where we are today:

  1. In 3 weeks, we close on selling the house, something that neither my husband nor I EVER thought we’d do.
  2. In the spring, we are taking the kids to Paris, amongst other cities, as we abandon ship, house, and home to travel around the world.

In times like this, when I see with the benefit of perspective, I have a new appreciation for our ability to accidentally blind and befuddle ourselves. Our beliefs are what we make them. We can control our thoughts – this a benefit, and occasional burden, of being human. A belief is a thought we continue to make over and over again. So if we think that something won’t happen, over and over again, we believe it won’t happen. And usually it doesn’t. 

So then why did these things happen if I didn’t think they would? Because I didn’t think much about them. They were statements made, and statements I deflected. No further thought was given to them. They were thoughts that didn’t serve me, so I let them go. And this is what we need to do when we receive negative feedback or discouraging comments. Or when people tell us that we aren’t good/smart/pretty/talented-enough to warrant that which we want.

We have a choice, rather we have a responsibility to ourselves, to carefully consider and guard our thoughts. As Wayne Dwyer often promoted “What we think about, we bring about.” So let’s choose to think positively. About health. About growth. About happiness, wealth, and wisdom. About each other and about ourselves. Let us delight in the light, and maybe chuckle at some clairvoyant insights too.

With loving gratitudes,

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