I Believe…in Bubble Baths

Bubble bath with candle

Aside from being a BIG believer in the Almighty, and the Law of Attraction, I’m also a big believer in bubble baths. So much so in fact that I’ve taken one every day for the last 10 days. When my kids hit their pillows, I hit the tub.

Basking in the bath vs jumping in the shower is a luxury I realize. It takes more time. It uses more water. Yeah, yeah, I get it. Aside from this past stretch of 10 fabulously soak-filled days, tub-time is an exception to the norm. But when it happens, I’m on fluffy cloud #9.

Top 3 Reasons why Bubble Baths are the Bomb:

1. For the perpetually cold like myself, baths are an immediate cure for warming both body and soul;
2. Some of my best thinking is done when I’m still, awake, alone, and undistracted by (more like forced to put down) technology; and,
3. Bubbles remind me that not every idea is a good one. Bubbles pop and disappear. And sometimes, that’s the best thing for thoughts as well. Some ideas need to just simply disappear. They don’t need time or consideration. What we think about is an elective process. So while lots and lots of thoughts come to mind, I am highly selective about which get attention.