Humility is Hard to Teach, but Lessons are Abundant

My son hit two home runs in his Little League game last weekend. It was awesome to witness. More so though, it provided the perfect platform to talk about humility.

In our home the are 5 things that we pray for, the traits we strive to be. We call them “The 5 Hs”:

  1. Happy
  2. Healthy
  3. Hopeful
  4. Helpful
  5. Humble

I find that Humility is the hardest of these to teach. Life experiences provide the best instruction.

At bedtime, after my son’s historic game, he was asking if he could tell his school friends what happened. I said no, that’s not for him to share. It’s for his friends to share. That is humility – we let our actions and accomplishments speak for themselves, which certainly doesn’t come easily for 12 year old boy, much less  an aged, ego-centric elected official. 🙂

Humility is a true indictor of confidence – the kind that needs no recognition after having done something grand, giving, or generous. When we are humble, we recognize that the only person we need to answer to ourselves – we look within as opposed to out or around. When we look inside our soul, if we like what we see then we don’t need to seek praise and glory. It may come. And we can be grateful and thankful for it. But we need not seek it.

When we are on bended knee, humble in our talent and also in our weaknesses, we intrinsically realize that we are all connected. Humility = true beauty, the kind we see and feel with our hearts.