How to Spend Quality Time Alone…

I started this blog to share things as I’m going through them, as opposed to posting pretty pictures after the the hard work is done and the sweat has dried. This is not Instagram, where every post is fabulously filtered. This is a behind-the-scenes, movie-in-the-making. Like with most great movies, the final film is the end product of cheers, tears, and years.

We can’t get from goal-to-reality in a hyperloop. It’s not frictionless. It takes effort, intention, and determination. And it takes time, sometimes, more time than we wish it would take.

There may be days when you ask yourself something like, “Well this is not where I expected to be. But it’s doesn’t deter my resolve. However, it does mean that I am in a place of uncertainty. What I want to be doing is not what I can (yet) do, so what do I do now?”

I know these internal conversations well, because I’m having them with myself right now. With crystal clarity, I know what I want manifest. It’s millions, so I can give freely and generously of myself, my time, and my resources.

The question is what can/should I be doing with myself now, to financially support myself and my family, until such perfect point in time that the Universe graciously delivers. Right now, I am stuck. I’ve forgotten what I’m good at. And what’s worse, I’ve forgotten what I enjoy.

Knowing we are stuck is helpful as opposed to just spinning our wheels. But how do we get unstuck? How do we answer big important questions that have serious outcomes and consequences? My suggestion, the one I’m giving to and following myself, is to spend some quality time alone.

Spending time alone give us space. Removing the need to react or respond, ideas can more easily flow. Taking away outside stimuli, like a song or a book, forces us to hear the music of our mind, and allows us to create our own original masterpiece.

In case spending time alone seems like a awkward, unnatural task, here are three suggestions that seem to work for me.

Three Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your (Awesome, Amazing) Self:

  1. Take Bubble Baths
    • Resist the temptation to read a book. Listen and observe your thoughts and emotions. Just like the way bubbles pop and burst, thoughts come and go. Let them flow. Take note of the ideas that come to you that you’d like to further explore.
  2. Go for Walks in the Woods
    • Instead of listening to music, listen to nature. It is remarkably easy find beauty and inspiration when you remove outside influences and allow yourself to be fully present in nature’s surroundings.
  3. Meditate
    • Meditation for me means sitting still in a chair or lying down, closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing, and letting thoughts float in and out. I have not mastered the art of clearing my mind. But what I have found is that when I go within, and remove myself from external stimuli, things (people, ideas, concerns, fears, etc.) come to me that surprise me. I don’t need to follow up or pursue all or any of them, but I do know that I wouldn’t have been able to acknowledge them if I hadn’t created the space for them appear.

For me, the question of “what now” still remains, but at least for now, I’m enjoying the journey.