How to End Envy

Envy – wishing you had something that someone else possesses. When paired with the desire for ill-will for the one who has what you want, envy is one of Seven Deadly Sins. Regardless of the concept of sin, the feeling of coveting is a feeling of lack.

There’s one thought, one truth, one word that liberates us from the confines, chains, and corrosion of envy: abundance. The foolproof fix for envy is understanding the law of Abundance.

Abundance is one of the fundamental footings to manifesting and co-creating with the Universe. Like with the Almighty’s Love, the Almighty’s resources are equally abundant. We don’t have to worry if our sibling, friend, or enemy has or wants something similar because what others receive in no way takes away from what we are capable of receiving. And vice versa, what we desire won’t be taken away from another person to be given to us. Recognizing Abundance liberates us from lack. There is enough for everyone because there is an unlimited supply of everything – knowledge, wealth, health, happiness, companions, and success. Knowing there is enough for everyone eliminates jealousy, greed, competition, stealing, and envy.

And the resulting beauty of Abundance is applause.

Recognizing abundance gives us the freedom to celebrate the victories of others because we know and trust that someone else’s success in no way limits the potentiality or probability of our own. This is not a game show. No one has to lose; in fact, everyone can win.

And what’s amazing about applauding the success of others, especially others who have achieved that which we want for ourself, is that it signals to the Loving, Omnipotent Almighty that we invite that very thing into our own life. We are essentially saying – I love this thing I am applauding and welcome it into my world. (Cool right?)

When we embrace and accept abundance we can give appreciation without hesitation. When we transform envy into applause, we signal to the Divine that we are ready to receive. That alone deserves a round of applause.