How I Pray

My friends, husband, Mom and I recently took this test to learn our “Love Language.” The five options are: Words of Praise, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Touch, and Presents. It’s so fun to know what our loved one’s Love Language is so we know how to show each other love. Mine is quality time, so if you call me to check in, or ask to go for a walk or grab lunch, I will feel loved.

If God had a Love Language, I think it would be gratitude, which got me thinking about how I pray.

There is no right or wrong way to pray! H to the Heavens NO! But I like the way this method I recently learned from a trusted advisor because it leads with appreciation and grace. I shared it with my sister recently and she liked it as well, so I thought to share here with you. Please note however that in NO WAY am I suggesting that other methods are wrong. There is no wrong way to pray, this is just my personal approach (did I say that enough?!).

My Personal Approach to Prayer:

  1. Lead with Gratitude
    • Whenever I begin my conversation with the God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, our Heavenly Father, the Divine, (and I pray to them all) I begin by giving thanks.
    • I thank Them for Their presence in my life, for my family, for the good night’s sleep, for Their Abundant Unyielding Love, for my dog who snores just a bit too loudly but gives me so much joy. You get the picture. Sometimes this takes a minute, sometimes it takes 10.
  2. Ask for Forgiveness
    • Somedays this comes easily and sometimes not, but I never fail to ask for forgiveness for how I’ve wronged others and myself.
    • For me this step solidifies my humility and respect for the All-Knowing Almighty. We are made with Love. And come from Love. And are part of that Love. But in human form, we are often driven by ego. As Wayne Dwyer said “Ego stands for Edging God Out.” Ego serves to separate us from God and from each other. By asking for forgiving, however specific or broad, we are honoring the Almighty by recognizing our own severely impaired and restricted knowledge of Its Love and Presence in our Live.
  3. Then Make the Personal Plea

Imagine if we give thanks and give praise, not just to God, but to all. Because gratitude is likely a universal Love Language.

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