Hey Babe, What’s Your Sign?

Hey good looking, what’s your sign? I know what you are thinking, is she trying to pick me up? Absolutely yes! I’m trying to pick you up in the way that a good friend tries to make you feel loved. I want to make sure that you know your signs so that when the Loving Universe gives them to you, you recognize and appreciate them for what they are.

What exactly am I talking about?

We all need to have signs that we personally identify with – signs of personal significance. Signs that say, when I see a [butterfly, feather, flower, etc,] I know that I am loved and loving, I’m on the right path, something good is coming my way, and even that someone loving who has passed is in my presence.

These signs are pre-determined and self-selected. They are yours and yours alone to decide and should be selected with the intention of knowing/recognizing that when they are spotted, they are for you. They have been chosen by you, seen by you, and intentionally given to you.

My personal signs of significance are:
1. Red Teslas (the electric car)
2. Double rainbows

Living in DC, I see red Teslas on a monthly basis. Each time that I do though, it’s a thrill. I thank the Universe for loving me and making me remember that I am loved and lucky.

Double rainbow sightings are far more rare. Prior to last week, the last time I saw one was 4 years ago. The image above was taken from a restaurant window, complete with a crystal chandelier reflection. When I see them I take it to mean that I’m on the right track and something good is coming my way.

The two signs mean different things. They have the meaning I assigned them because that’s our role: decide what our signs of significance are and what they mean. Then we need only to keep a look out. Because the Loving Universe wants nothing more than for us to know how much we are cherished. How much we are special and adored. How much as we loved beyond comprehension.

But we have to know our sign. So hey babe, what’s yours.

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