The Opportune of a Full Moon

Full Moon Image

Tonight is a full moon. It’s actually a supermoon, which means it’s closer to the Earth than the other full moons in the year. In fact, it will be the closest to the Earth in 69 years!!  Try to step outside and appreciate its grandeur.

I love gazing up at a full moon and thinking of the limitless possibilities of the future. Aside from appreciating its beauty, it seems appropriately opportune, when it’s a full moon, to see if your goals and you are in tune. (That almost sounds like a song?!)

I find that this happens instinctively. But then again, I also find that I frequently look to the night’s sky to see how close it is being that time of the month again (which also gives a refreshing alternative meaning to the phrase “that time of the month”).

The mind is limited only by what we choose to believe it possible. Anything and everything is possible so long as you can believe it and hold onto those feelings of faith. The full moon provides the perfect opportunity for a self-assessment. Check in within and see how your goals feel. Do they still incite excitement? Are you remaining faithful to them? What could you do differently in the next 30 days to fold them into your daily life?

Just as we get to go to bed every night to reset and refresh our body, mind, and soul, we have a full moon every month to remind us what we are working towards.  Look up in the night’s sky, appreciate the moon’s majestic glow, and  remind yourself just how powerful you are. Like the moon decides the tides, you determine your future.